In 1995, started career as an audio engineer in New York in US. 

  For 9 years, has worked at number of venues such as “Dharma” “IZZY BAR” “Wetlands” “New Victory Theater” “Kennedy Center” etc.

  In 2004, started working for music venues, “Tsukimiru Kimi Omou” and “Haretara Sorani Mamemaite” in Tokyo as one of their launch members.

  From 2007, has studied under Mr. Makoto Kubota who is a prominent musician and also known as one of the best producers and audio engineers in the world. 

  Currently, working with various musicians for their live performances and recordings, and also engaging major music festivals and concerts in the notable music halls in Japan and overseas.  


Worked with: Vincent Gallo, Urban Tap, Juana Molina, Tommy Guerrero, Omar Sosa, The Roots, Tonny Allen, Kazutoki Umezu, Chu Kosaka, Ryo Ishibashi, Kingdom Afrocks, Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro, etc.

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Moky Tanizawa  / タニザワモーキ


   From 2001 started career at "Polydor Studio" and "Aobadai Studio",  At the same time started working as a live mixing engineer at “Aoi Heya” “Tsukimiru Kimi Omou” "Daikanyama Loop" and “Haretara Sorani Mamemaite” etc.

As an engineer of SHEENA & THE ROKKETS, operates in any places such as live houses, halls and outdoors all over Japan. 

Also work as recording engineer for UKO, Garantique Kazue and Animation songs etc.

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Sakuma Isao  /  佐久間 功

From 2013 Started PA engineer career at the live venue  ”Tukimiru Kimi Omou” “Haretara sorani mamemaite” in Tokyo 

Have a lot of experience in domestic and overseas fes performances and national tours.


Work with : Maika Loubte, Mother Tereco, Shohei Arita, kower, El-Haru Kuroi, Quater to Africa, Ryo Ishibashi, etc.

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Satoshi Kawaguchi  / 川口 聡

Received special education in piano and clarinet from childhood to music college. After working as an assistant engineer at Creative Complex Studio, 

From 2014 Started working as a PA engineer at live venues ”Tukimiru Kimi Omou” “Haretara sorani mamemaite” 

Be good at making tracks using Auto-Tune.


Work with : Daiki Morinaga, Ryo Ishibashi, Kazutoki Umezu, Hekiru Sheena

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Emi Kaito  / 垣内 英実

From 2012 started working at a live venues “Tsukimiru Kimi Omou” “Haretara Sorani Mamemaite” as PA engineer.

From 2016 studied under Mr. Satoru Kobayashi, a SSL technical engineer.

Working on repairs, maintains and sound system tunes of each venues.

Work with Hiroshi Minami, SmoothAce, Harada Sahanji, Erohim

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Kazuki Ishiuchi  / 石内 和樹 

The representative of “Tidanu So” one of the largest studios in Shonan.


In addition to live houses, outdoor festivals, and halls, etc. 

Bring sound systems everywhere such as cafes, bars, ships, factories, barns, schools, planetariums, furniture shops, old houses, sake breweries, shrines, campsites, and other environments where music is not performed, and the optimum operation is proposed in any environment.


Main artists: Rickie-G, Josey Wales, etc.

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Nobuyoshi Aizawa / 相澤 誠嘉